Boyfriend’s birthday πŸŽ‚

As of yesterday (21 June) my dear bf turned 26! 

Gave him his present at his place and was delighted when he opened it. Got him his favourite colongne from Bath and Body works. Love that scent on him! 

Went to his place after dental, took a power nap and we left to Orchard for lunch. Told him I’m bringing him to Outback Steakhouse but he said he felt like having ramen so we went to Ippudo instead. 
2nd time there and the standard never drops, a little pricy for ramen but the broth is so so good!

When the bill came, obviously it’s his birthday and it’s only right I paid but nooooo this idiot didn’t let me. I was a little angry though, he paid for the meal. I already gave my card to the waitress but mr idiot snatch it away. 

He always does this never lets me pay for anything. Girls can pay for the bill y’know.

 We went to watch Despicable Me 3. When buying the tickets the seats were mostly taken but thankfully there were 2 seats left 5th row from the back not too close to the screen which was good (but it wasn’t the couple seats). When we got into the screening room I was surprised that all the seats were couple seats like how? I’ve never been into that screening room before and was so surprised and happy because I get to lean and seat close to my bf and not have the arm rest separating us! 

The movie was good, didn’t focus much on the minions which was not so bad, don’t get me wrong I LOVE the minions but too much of them I proberly wouldn’t get the shows story line. Not gonna give any spoilers 

The bf was hungry after the show so we went to gyoza-ya ate a little there, still so full from lunch.

Hang out a little more and came home only at midnight.

Hope my bf enjoyed his day really love spending time with him.
Till my next post





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