Isn’t it the right way? 

I need to rant. So… isn’t it the right way that you save some food that you cooked for dinner for your spouse who had gone to work the whole day? To tell your kids to save an apportiate amount for your spouse to eat? Even if there isn’t any food left and your spouse said that he’ll / she’ll have instant noodles instead shouldn’t you cook it for him/ her??? 

Your husband is the soul breadwinner and yet you don’t save him any food when he comes home. When he’s home after work all he wants to do is to just eat, shower and sleep but no, he has to go out again to get food or cook his own food. Why can’t you do it for him? Your kids are old enough to understand that they have to save food for their dad or even stay alone at home whilst you go out to get food for him. 

I just can’t stand the sight of it. Can’t you already see your husband is already so tired? 

Wew do you guys get me? Get where I’m coming from? 

Till my next post




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