Tough few days πŸ˜”πŸ˜’

Every couple πŸ’‘ fights. Little misunderstanding, small stupid arguments, big arguments. 

I had my first big fight ever with my boyfriend a few days back and I never want it to ever happen again.

Crying myself to sleep for 3-4 nights was torturing. The argument was on my mind every second, minute and hour of the day. I hated it so much, I hated myself.

It almost broke us up. I was so afraid about us breaking up. He was my world πŸŒ, my everything, my first boyfriend.

The argument was my fault. I put my needs before his. I was selfish.

” Am I asking for too much? Can’t I have just 1 day without any interruptions? No phones, no calls, no messages, no social media. Nothing, just us. I want to spend quality time with you not you and your phone. 

I want my boyfriend back. We don’t go on proper dates anymore. I miss that. Do you have time for me? I’ve been trying to be very understanding but can I have just 1 day? 1 day that’s all I ask. “

There is another part to the argument but I’ll keep it private.

I was not understanding enough that he needed his phone to earn money. He’s doing so much work for his future, my future, our future. He was angry at me that I was selfish. I was never like this. I didn’t know what happen to me that day. I was angry at myself too.

I kept apologising, begging for forgiveness, begging him to not give up on us, I wasn’t ready to give up on us and I never will. He is the one I want to spend my life with, to have kids with, to grow old together.

Being with him for the past 1 year has been the best thing of my entire life. He was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I kept begging and begging.

He was out drinking 🍻 , not eating and I was home, in my room crying my eyes out and it was all my fault.

Praying every night, asking God to help me get my boyfriend to forgive me.

Monday came, my boyfriend had asked me to wake him up at noon ( that’s a good sign that we are not over)

I called, I was tongue tied. I didn’t know if I should apologise and beg for forgiveness.



It’s noon.




I was trying so hard to hold back my tears. I sort of did.

At 3pm, he text me

“I love you. I’m sorry for being so angry”

It was such a relief. I felt like I can breathe again.

Wait…. He just said sorry but not if I’m forgiven.

I replied; ” Am I forgiven?” 


I started crying tears of joy when he said yes. Things are back to normal, my relationship with the best guy in the world is okay.

” I love you. Thank you for forgiving me. You don’t have to apologise about being angry. I deserved it.”

Phew I pray and hope to never have such a huge argument with the love of my life again.


Till my next post.





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